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How Scentsy is responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Last updated at 11:00 GMT p.m. 22 April 2020

A message from Heidi & Orville Thompson

At Scentsy, we talk a lot about family and relationships. Our entire culture is about bringing people together, creating and reliving memories, and lots of hugs. So, when the coronavirus started appearing in headlines and the entire world began shifting, so did we.

As the world battles this pandemic together, we have focused on protecting our customers, Consultants and employees through significant modifications to the way we work to get your favorite fragrance products to you.

Consultants and Scentsy employees have been working safely and diligently to meet demand and deliver on the expectations of those who rely on us to fill their lives with fragrance. During these uncertain times, providing a moment of respite and normalcy is our pleasure, and we’re honored to do our part.

Heidi & Orville Thompson
Scentsy Co-owners and Co-CEOs

Protecting customers

While circumstances around the world are changing constantly, we remain committed to the safety of our customers by offering simple, contactless ordering through a Consultant’s Personal Website and the ease of setting up recurring shipments of your favorite Scentsy products through our Scentsy Club program. Although we all love a good party, the only parties Consultants are having during this time are online. Check out your Consultant’s website to learn how you can host a party online and still earn Host Rewards. And while Consultants love seeing the smiles on their customers’ faces when they hand-deliver their Scentsy orders, at this time, we recommend all orders be shipped straight from our distribution centers to the customer to reduce the risk of non-essential contact.

Protecting consultants

Scentsy Consultants are the face of our business, reaching out to millions of Scentsy fans all over the world, often from the comfort and safety of their own homes. So now, more than ever, we are proud to be able to offer a work-from-home business opportunity to more than 130,000 Independent Scentsy Consultants so they can continue to earn commissions and meet their goals. All Consultants can subscribe to a Personal Website where they can sell products, hold virtual Scentsy parties and get new Consultants to join their team — all without needing to meet anyone in person. And with our direct-shipping option, Consultants don’t need to personally deliver products to their customers.

Protecting employees

While Scentsy is able to continue to operate around the world, we have closed all Scentsy buildings to the public and increased our cleaning and sanitizing schedules to protect all employees. Our company gym, breakrooms and gathering places are temporarily closed, and our on-site cafeteria and coffeehouse are operating with restrictions to avoid employee congregation. Signs at all building entrances remind all at-risk or sick employees to not come to work. Our flexible attendance policy lets employees focus on their own personal health as well as their families, if need be. We have implemented ongoing work-from-home schedules for those who are able to perform their jobs remotely. For those who are comfortable and able to work on-site, we have rearranged working areas and employee schedules with respect to social distancing, and everyone is consistently using facemasks and gloves. Ultimately, all employees are encouraged to work with our Human Resources department to determine the best working solution for them and their families.